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Bridgewater, Vermont Real Estate Market Report - Full Year, 2021



The Bridgewater, Vermont real estate market had another record year in 2021, finishing with twenty-five (25) sales of single-family homes. As of this writing there was one (1) additional property active under contract or pending and likely to close in the coming months.


Snyder Donegan was pleased to represent six (6) of the buyers and sellers of all closed Barnard transactions.


On average, homes spent a record-low 3.54 months on the market prior to sale in 2021, while the average price of a sold/closed home jumped to a record high of $646,700 from $547,944 in 2020. Both of these metrics point to the extraordinarily high motivation level of buyers in the 2021 market.


Similar to other towns in the Greater Woodstock area, however, with record sales come records lows in regard to available inventory. As of December 31, there was just one (1) home actively listed on the Bridgewater market, its lowest point since Snyder Donegan began compiling this data point. Given this, Bridgewater will require an infusion of new inventory into the market to keep pace with fervent buying demand.



The Greater Woodstock Vermont market area (Barnard, Bridgewater, Hartland, Plymouth, Pomfret, Quechee, Reading, West Windsor, Woodstock) had another banner year in 2021 with 345 sales of single-family homes. Because of declining inventory, this was down 12% from 2021 but still at its second-highest mark of all time. Individually, the towns of Barnard and Woodstock matched their all-time sales records of thirty-four (34) and eighty-five (85), respectively, while Bridgewater and Reading broke their previous sales records with twenty-five (25) and twenty-two (22). Of the 345 homes sold in the GWA, buyers paid at or above a seller’s asking price in 186 of the transactions, with the average price hitting a record-high $569,659.


After two years of unprecedented market action, it stands to reason that the market is now significantly lacking in available inventory. As of December 31, 2021, there were just twenty-two (22) actively listed single-family homes on the MLS in the Greater Woodstock area, down 68% from the same time in 2021 and a down a staggering 85% from pre-pandemic 2019. Of the 22 active listings, thirteen (13) were priced over $1 million, making the average price of available homes $1,815,295.


As with the rest of the market, buying activity in the luxury market in the Greater Woodstock market area was very strong in 2021, with thirty-five (35) sales of homes over $1 million, a total second only to 2020’s thirty-eight (38) luxury sales. Snyder Donegan was pleased to represent fifteen (15) of the buyers and/or sellers of those luxury properties– including the highest priced sales in Barnard (182 North Road –$1.3 million), Hartland (32 Horton Hill Road –$1.8 million), and Woodstock (2574 Garvin Hill Road –$2.5125 million) – underscoring our company’s success with transactions in the luxury market.




  • 25 SOLD single-family homes
    • Average Price: $646,700
    • Median Price: $399,000
    • Total Volume: $16,167,500
    • Average Negotiating Discount: 0.37%
    • Average Days on the Market: 106.3
  • 1 ACTIVE UNDER CONTRACT/PENDING single-family home
    • Average Price: $399,000
    • Median Price: $399,000
    • Days on the Market: 66
  • 1 ACTIVELY LISTED single-family home
    • Average Price: $299,000
    • Median Price: $299,000
    • Average Days on the Market: 274


Charts illustrating portions of the above Bridgewater information can be found below, followed by a complete list of all 25 properties that closed during the full year of 2021.


A list of all 25 homes that sold/closed in Bridgewater during FY 2021 is below.

6932 VT-4, Bridgewater, VT


643 US 4 Highway, Bridgewater, VT


6781 US Route 4, Bridgewater, VT


17 Pearson Road, Bridgewater, VT


968 Stevens Road, Bridgewater, VT


62 Standish Road, Bridgewater, VT


652 VT Route 100, Bridgewater, VT


538 Bridgewater Center Road, Bridgewater, VT


309 VT Route 100, Bridgewater, VT


90 Blueberry Hill Road, Bridgewater, VT


2895 Bridgewater Hill Road, Bridgewater, VT


7030 US Route 4, Bridgewater, VT


341 Braley Road, Bridgewater, VT


320 Mountain View Road, Bridgewater, VT


1810 VT Route 100A, Bridgewater, VT


51 Parsonage Road, Bridgewater, VT


638 North Bridgewater Road, Bridgewater, VT


354 River Road, Bridgewater, VT


151 Baker Hill Road, Bridgewater, VT


362 Upper Road, Bridgewater, VT


4287 North Bridgewater Road, Bridgewater, VT


199 Wemple Knoll Road, Bridgewater, VT


1606 Bridgewater Center Road, Bridgewater, VT


2106 Gold Coast Road, Bridgewater, VT


992 Atwood Lane, Bridgewater, VT


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