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Snyder Donegan Real Estate Group is the leading boutique non-franchise real estate firm in the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire. In the past three years through December 2021, the company sold/closed over $425 million in real estate in the Upper Valley, assisting some 737 buyers and sellers accomplish their specific goals. Since the firm was founded over a decade ago, Snyder Donegan has sold/closed well over a half-billion dollars of real estate transactions ($663 million to be exact) in the Hanover-Woodstock Upper Valley area. Snyder Donegan is the most successful boutique non-franchise brokerage in this area of New Hampshire and Vermont.

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Market Leaders

We are a market leader in luxury property marketing. Snyder Donegan has assisted over 150 buyers and sellers of properties to sell / close over $1 million. Year-over-year we consistently have many of the top sales in the area including Hanover, Woodstock, Norwich, Lyme, Pomfret, & Barnard (to name a few). And again in 2021, Snyder Donegan represented the three most expensive properties to sell/close in Woodstock, two of the top five in Hanover, and three of the top five in Norwich.

Yet we bring the same attention-to-detail and execute the same detailed marketing approach for each new listing we take as a firm - including residential homes, land, and multi-family/light commercial properties of all price ranges from $75,000 and up.



Our digital marketing reach is second-to-none, and GLOBAL. The internet leveled the playing field compared with the real estate brokerage business of just 5 or 10 years ago. Snyder Donegan has chosen a range of digital partners - the best and brightest in the business – to keep our firm at the very cutting edge of real estate marketing in today’s ever-changing world of buyers and buying patterns. We source buyers from a global marketplace and have sold properties to buyers from more than a dozen countries. Our firm continues to expand its marketing efforts and expand to new digital and print platforms. With many new inquiries and additional listings every day, we remain optimistic about the future of the real estate market and excited for what’s to come in 2022.

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Depth, experience, and professionalism. Our firm’s deep experience – forged from the fire of hundreds of transactions spanning more than a decade - generates client confidence in our ability to advise on strategy for pricing, staging, timing and contract-deal negotiations. For clients who require privacy and confidentiality, or simply want to avoid the hassles of listing property on MLS, we also offer private non-MLS listing services. Please call us to inquire.

One Of A Kind


Our agents apply the same approach to property marketing, photography, client service and attention to detail - for all of our clients, with property listed from $175,000 to $5+ million. Many of our agents achieved personal bests in sales for 2021. And our top four agents sold more than $125 million in property, averaging a staggering $31 million in sales per agent. By comparison, in our area the average annual sales per agent was $6 million.

Snyder Donegan focuses on creating beautiful presentations of our clients’ properties with superb photography and for our luxury properties - videos and dedicated property websites. We are sticklers about the details. In a world where buyers are using smartphones, tablets and laptops to get their “first impression” of a property, first impressions online are critical.

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We give solid advice on how to stage your home and to make important pre-listing decisions on what finishing touches or renovations are worth it in order to achieve the best combination of net price and speed in successfully selling. Call us: we are happy to provide early guidance.

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Pricing Strategy

We give expert advice on how to price your property. Pricing is arguably the single most important decision you will make in selling your home, and you need to find the perfect balance between underpricing a home, which both speeds the time it takes to sell but also may leave money on the table, and overpricing it – which will cause it to get fewer showings and offers, and may result in the listing getting “stale” – a condition whereby potential buyers begin to wonder “what is wrong with this home, why has it not sold”? Our advice to you is grounded in hard data: by looking at comparable homes that are on the market (and not selling) and comparables that have recently sold – showing you where the true market is for homes like yours.


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