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Mortgage Rates Still Going UP!

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Mortgage rates have been steadily rising for the past several weeks, and are up nearly a full percentage point from a month ago.  While we cannot predict the future of interest rates, we can say that you are better off buying now and locking in these still-low rates rather than finding rates at 6% or 7% next spring.  Give us a call on 802 [...]

Barnard Vermont Timberframe Construction

This Barnard Vermont retreat is a great example of how to merge timberframe and panelized walls into one perfect construction project. Get to know Ben Halley a local and reputable builder as he manages this high-end VT home in Barnard. Distant view to Woodstock Vermont complete the package so give us a call if a [...]

Mortgage rates spike up

Conventional 30-Yr Mortgage Rates - Trailing Yr to Nov 2010


One of the bright spots in this recession has been the steady decline of  mortgage rates and the ongoing opportunity to borrow at very cheap rates.   Yet, there are concerns looming among many astute economists and market observers about the massive overspending by the federal and state governments which - the arguments go - will [...]

Interview with David Anderson Hill and Susan Fuller

tech <p>Snyder Donegan Real Estate Group interviews <strong>David Anderson Hill and Susan Fulle</strong>r, the co-design/build team at <a title="David Anderson Hill Website from Woodstock VT" href= "">David Anderson Hill Inc</a>.  They

$2,000,000 Home Sold In Barnard

John and I are very pleased to have sold one of our real estate listings in Barnard, VT in October 2010 for a price of $2,000,000.  This was a lovely 4,700 s.f. home custom-built in 2006 on 40 acres, old stone walls, and two large ponds.  The house was located on a very quiet road in desirable Barnard, VT - about 12 minutes from downtown [...]