John Snyder

Barnard General Store

tech <p>Wonderful article on the Barnard General Store....</p> <p><strong><a href= "" target="_blank">CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE</a></strong></p> <p><a

Double Rainbow at Our Moose Hill (Barnard VT) Listing - WOW!

tech <p><a href= ""> <img class="alignleft wp-image-1529" alt="Barnard VT" src= "" width="800"

Snyder Donegan Keeps Growing

tech <p>The graph below shows the % of total sales of residential properties in the Greater Woodstock VT area (Woodstock and the 7 towns around it) for each of the major brokerage firms, according to MLS.  Snyder Donegan continues to grow.  We continue to invest heavily in improving and expanding our

Woodstock Vermont Alumni Parade

tech <p><strong>A RELAXING, ENJOYABLE DAY ON THE GREEN IN WOODSTOCK VERMONT</strong></p> <p><strong>WATCHING THE ALUMNI PARADE GO BY. &nbsp;</strong>(Click on the Farmall Tractor to play youtube video)</p> <div><a href="" target= "_blank"><img class="alignnone wp-image-1483" title= "Woodstock Vermont Alumni Parade"

Young Moose in Barnard VT - May 2013

tech <p>Was coming home from the real estate office and saw this young moose on the side of the road, in Barnard VT - grazing on some tall grass. &nbsp;Slowed the car down, took some video, and headed home for dinner. &nbsp;Wow! &nbsp;Vermont is Amazing! - John Snyder &nbsp;May 29 2013</p> <p> </p>

Barnard General Store Re-Opened This Week!

tech &lt;p&gt;We are very excited that the Barnard General Store re-opened this week with full kitchen, baked goods, stocked shelves and beautiful produce. &amp;nbsp;Had a pastry and a hot cup of joe. &amp;nbsp;Was great to see it re-open, just in time for Memorial Day, swimming in Silver Lake and an ice cream cone!&lt;/p&gt;

The very last of Vermont Snow (in Barnard)

tech &lt;p&gt;Ok. So I was headed up the driveway to beautiful listing in Barnard this morning (mid $2 millions) and spotted this now-rare sight: &amp;nbsp;the last patch of snow, on a north-facing shady part of the driveway. &amp;nbsp;This has to be the absolute LAST holdout from a wonderful winter of snow in Vermont. &amp;nbsp;Green-up is

Bear Visit in Woodstock Vermont

tech &lt;p&gt;John Snyder recently had a black bear visit his house in Woodstock VT. Real estate just sometimes needs to take a back seat to a hungry bear. Take a peek and enjoy the view......then, let us know if we can help with &amp;nbsp;a &lt;a title= &quot;Large land Parcels around Woodstock VT&quot; href=

Interview with David Anderson Hill and Susan Fuller

tech &lt;p&gt;Snyder Donegan&amp;nbsp;Real Estate Group interviews &lt;strong&gt;David Anderson Hill and Susan Fulle&lt;/strong&gt;r, the co-design/build team at &lt;a title=&quot;David Anderson Hill Website from Woodstock VT&quot; href= &quot;;&gt;David Anderson Hill Inc&lt;/a&gt;. &amp;nbsp;They

Woodstock VT Real Estate - Wastewater Engineer Chris Leister

tech &lt;p&gt;Woodstock VT Real Estate - Wastewater Engineer Chris Leister talks about surveying a piece of land to develop the map required by the State of Vermont in order to complete a subdivision of a &lt;a title=&quot;Hartland VT Land for Sale&quot; href= &quot;;&gt;

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