Blog :: 05-2013

Young Moose in Barnard VT - May 2013

tech <p>Was coming home from the real estate office and saw this young moose on the side of the road, in Barnard VT - grazing on some tall grass.  Slowed the car down, took some video, and headed home for dinner.  Wow!  Vermont is Amazing! - John Snyder  May 29 2013</p> <p>[caption

Barnard General Store Re-Opened This Week!

tech <p>We are very excited that the Barnard General Store re-opened this week with full kitchen, baked goods, stocked shelves and beautiful produce.  Had a pastry and a hot cup of joe.  Was great to see it re-open, just in time for Memorial Day, swimming in Silver Lake and an ice cream cone!</p>

The very last of Vermont Snow (in Barnard)

tech <p>Ok. So I was headed up the driveway to beautiful listing in Barnard this morning (mid $2 millions) and spotted this now-rare sight:  the last patch of snow, on a north-facing shady part of the driveway.  This has to be the absolute LAST holdout from a wonderful winter of snow in Vermont.  Green-up is