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Woodstock Vermont Real Estate Market Report - Third Quarter, 2019


The Woodstock, Vermont real estate market had an exceptional, record-breaking first three quarters of 2019, with fifty-five (55) sales of single-family homes– up 67% compared to the same period in 2018. Homes that sold during Q1-Q3 this year were on the market for just five months before selling compared to a high of 14 months in 2015.


The Woodstock market as a whole appears to be at its strongest point since the recession, perhaps even since the peak of the market in 2004 and 2005, in terms of both the number of sales and the number of houses on the market.


Supply of homes in Woodstock has been declining since 2010 and continued to do so through the first half of this year. However, this trend took a turn at some point during the third quarter as sixty-eight (68) homes were actively listed for sale on October 1 compared to sixty-one (61) listed on the same date last year.  Additionally, there were thirty-four (34) homes listed for under $500,000 compared to just nineteen (19) last year. While inventory is still down 44% compared to a high of 122 homes listed in 2013, this year’s third quarter uptick is an encouraging sign.


Also of note, the number of homes actively listed at the end of the third quarter for over $1 million was just eleven (11), its lowest point on record.  This is down from a high of twenty-four (24) homes listed on the same date in 2016. To date this year, there have been five (5) sales of homes over $1 million, which is in lockstep with 2018.


While sales are up and inventory remains tight, we have not yet observed a noticeable increase in the prices being paid for homes, the exception being for some moderately priced homes located in the village.


Charts illustrating the above information can be found below, followed by a complete list of all fifty-five (55) properties that closed in Woodstock in Q1-Q3 2019.



A list of all 55 properties that sold/closed in Woodstock during Q1-Q3 2019 is below.

486 Benedict Road, Woodstock, VT


199 Meadow Way, Woodstock, VT


798 Thomas Hill Road, Woodstock, VT


5 Pine Street, Woodstock, VT


31 Elm St, Woodstock, VT


25 The Lane, Woodstock, VT


4662 Cloudland Road, Woodstock, VT


18 Pleasant Street, Woodstock, VT


125 Hoadley Road, Woodstock, VT


694 CHURCH HILL Road, Woodstock, VT


2876 Hartland Hill Road, Woodstock, VT


76 Grove Hill Road, Woodstock, VT


6 Mountain Avenue, Woodstock, VT


2304 Barnard Road, Woodstock, VT


628 Deer Brook Way, Woodstock, VT


202 Happy Valley Road, Woodstock, VT


153 Ribbett Way, Woodstock, VT


10 North Street, Woodstock, VT


115 Holt Way, Woodstock, VT


5021 South Road, Woodstock, VT


925 Fletcher Hill Road, Woodstock, VT


4946 South Road, Woodstock, VT


14 Prospect Street, Woodstock, VT


74 Twin Ponds Way, Woodstock, VT


513 Deerbrook Way, Woodstock, VT


19 Linden Hill, Woodstock, VT


914 Deerbrook Way, Woodstock, VT


8 Prospect Street, Woodstock, VT


5763 W. Woodstock Road, Woodstock, VT


530 Gabert Road, Woodstock, VT


17 Prospect Street, Woodstock, VT


8 Maple Street, Woodstock, VT


71 Butternut Lane, Woodstock, VT


43 Terrace Street, Woodstock, VT


3 Ford Street, Woodstock, VT


187 Liberty Farm Road Highway, Woodstock, VT


2901 Cox District Road, Woodstock, VT


34 Atwood Avenue, Woodstock, VT


4109 South Road, Woodstock, VT


275 Iver Johnson Way, Woodstock, VT


115 Doe Hill Way, Woodstock, VT


21530 Orchard Hill Way, Woodstock, VT


6711 South Road, Woodstock, VT


2115 East Woodstock Road, Woodstock, VT


3438 South Road, Woodstock, VT


5798 West Woodstock Road, Woodstock, VT


42 HERITAGE CONDO Way, Woodstock, VT


2520 East Woodstock Road Highway, Woodstock, VT


1097 West Woodstock Road, Woodstock, VT


121 Riverbend Way, Woodstock, VT




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