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Why luxury VT real estate buying activity is picking up...

Jan 22, 2014 - We have blogged on this in the past, but it is worth revisiting:  If you are wondering if/when high-end real estate buying is going to build steam in the greater Woodstock Vermont real estate market, read on.  The most important drivers of buying activity in a primarily second-home market are wealth and confidence, and no two indices illustrate these more than the 5-year graph of the S&P500 stock index and the VIX (an index that essentially is a near-term forecast of Wall Street confidence/comfort).  A steadily rising stock market combined with a steady and low VIX combine to make a potent mix for forecasting investor confidence - and thus, high-end real estate buying.  Below are the 5-year charts as of today.  The high and rising level of high-end buying and buyer activity are no surprise: people have money and they are increasingly confident that this is "for reals".  (Update 3/2/2014 - Better than a straight path upwards is a path that includes a 5% "correction", followed by renewed confidence and upward march in the stock market, as we saw in late Jan, early Feb)

If you are thinking of buying a luxury home in the Woodstock VT / Hanover NH area, give us a call.  The best properties always go first.  For starters, click here to peruse our Company's nineteen (19) luxury property listings, including those that are listed on MLS and those that are privately listed/non-MLS:  Our Company's Luxury Listings

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