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Barnard VT Town Road Crew Snowplowing Winter Blizzard

We couldn't resist bringing this one back up for a review. There is just a great Barnard Vermont snow storm going on as of this writing!  Meet Lance Webster, Town Road Foreman in Barnard Vermont, as we take a ride in his $150,000 4WD snowplow truck during a good Vermont blizzard. Responsibility and native intelligence meet when Lance takes to the road (even when he is tired)! Watch Woodstock Realtor John Snyder gets plastered with a 500 lb snowball too!

We are having way too much fun up here selling Woodstock VT real estate, when you're all done with the video give us a call so we can help you make this place we call home a part of your life too!

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  1. Jennifer Belton on

    I LOVE this video! It is hard to understand just what is going on in Woodstock, Barnard and surrounding areas. This video brought it all home to us, front and center. Thank you so much! Jen & Hugh Belton