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Snyder Donegan Real Estate Market Report Write-up for All Towns

Following is the written portion of our Snyder Donegan Residential Real Estate Market Report for December 2011:

February 2012, Friends and neighbors: We are happy to share with you our "Snyder Donegan Real Estate Market Report" summarizing the market in 2011.

It is clear that the flames of recovery that had begun to crackle during the first half of 2011 were snuffed out - at least temporarily -­- due to the Irene Flood, stock market volatility (over European problems) and renewed economic uncertainty during the Fall. Was there a leaf season? With the area in shock, shut down and in rebuilding mode -­- the actual number of home sales in the final quarter of the year was off only slightly from the 3rd quarter, but most of these sales were in the lower price ranges. For example, the average price of homes sold in the 4th quarter was $271,000 compared with the full year average of $670,000. And the last high-­-end (> $1 million) closing was in mid-­-August.

Despite the strong start, 2011 ended up basically being a repeat of 2010. 2011 was the fourth year in a row of slower-­-than-­-average home sales. Specifically, in Woodstock and the six surrounding towns (the "Greater Woodstock Area"), eighty-­-five (85) homes sold in 2011, which is roughly similar to the annual sales levels for 2008-­-2010. This compares with sales in the peak years of 2004-­-2007, when 131 homes sold on average. Thus, the inventory of homes for sales is still high. Twenty-­-two (22) homes sold in the 4th quarter, yet thirty-­-five (35) new homes came on the market. The area continues to have a generous supply of homes for sale, and 2012 will be another "buyer's market". Again, competitive pricing continues to be important if sellers are truly motivated to sell.

Because of the quality of homes in the greater Woodstock area and the deep financial strength of our community, overall prices are holding steady. For example, Woodstock sellers on average conceded a final 12% off their listing price to move on in their lives, which is only slightly lower than the long term average of approximately 9%. (Said differently, the ratio of sold to last-­-listed price was 88% for all of 2011).

The market for homes priced over $1 million went quiet after the stock market volatility in August and the Irene Flood. Zero (0) homes sold over $1 million during the 4th quarter compared with four (4) high-­-end sales during 4Q2010. Yet with some high-­-end homes being withdrawn for the winter, we ended the year with 37 homes priced over $1 million for sale in the Greater Woodstock area, compared with 45 homes > $1 million at the end of the third quarter. Overall, eight (8) homes priced over $1 million sold in the area during 2011 vs. only six (6) in 2010. We expect the appetite for high-­-end homes will resume the pick-­-up that had started before the Irene/Stock Market disruption in the 2nd half of 2011.

The greater Woodstock area has a wonderful history, New England charm, deep pockets and staying power. That is why it has always been the most stable / secure long-­-term real estate market in Vermont.

You can download a PDF of this full report from our website at

On a personal note, John and I are happy to report that our firm had a very successful year in 2011, with over $12 million in closed sales. Adjusting for the fact that there were only two of us in our office, we were #1 in average per-­-agent sales out of all the Woodstock brokerage offices for 2012. And out of more than 20 individual agents in town, we both finished among the top three slots. Yet we are not sitting on our haunches, and have a long list of improvements and investments - to better position us to get it done in 2012. We do think our growing success validates our business approach -­- which seeks to combine personal competence and old-­-fashioned networking with excellence in online web marketing and plain hard work.

We are also very pleased to announce that Mary Ellen McCue has joined our firm as an Associate Broker. Mary Ellen is an experienced and competent broker, having lived and worked in the greater Woodstock area for many years. She is also bringing a depth of knowledge, a wealth of friends and contacts, and some very attractive listings -­- ranging from a lovely cape house priced at $345,000 to a $2.95 million estate property. Please give Mary Ellen a call to congratulate her (and us) on her new association. Her cellphone is 802-­-291-­-1814 and her email is We are delighted to have her aboard.

Please contact any of us at any time. John Snyder's cellphone is 802.280.5406 and his email is  Our office phone is 802 457-­-2600. We are happy to consult on any real estate related matter.

We are taking new listings and look forward to hearing from you. With best regards,

John Snyder



Please note: If you are actively working with another brokerage firm, please disregard this report. It is neither our intention nor our wish to actively solicit the signed clients of our other broker friends in town. If you wish to be removed from our mailing list, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to remove your name from the list.


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