Blog :: 12-2014

Pristine New England Colonial: Lyme, NH

Postcards of quintessential New England towns usually include the white clapboard houses, church steeple, village common and sturdy, hardy folks used to the fickle nature of weather and time. That would be very beautiful small-town Lyme, New Hampshire with a population of under 2,000 whose exterior is still picture-perfect.

This is a town that values its heritage yet provides a perfect commuter's roost for those wanting the most up-to-date and in-touch arts, culture, educational opportunities, medical facilities which are just down the road. And an easy drive beyond, Boston. 

Living in Lyme, you'll be less than a half hour to some of the world's leading institutions like Dartmouth College, The Tuck School,  Vermont Law School, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and the Veteran's Administration Hospital. 


And while all the limelight might got to Hanover just down the road, Lyme has Stella's, it's own Italian restaurant, country lodging at The Lyme Inn, The Lyme Country Store,  gas station and several schools -- both private and public. It is also close to the Appalachian Trail and the Dartmouth Skiway for winter sports.


Beyond Lyme are byways to the White Mountain with all the beauty and recreational opportunties there. Across the Connecticut River is Thetford, Vermont and down the road past fields and farms is Norwich. Much of the farm-to-table fare offered at farmers markets and in local restaurants are sourced in Lyme's back yard.  Lyme is for those who seek a quieter, more traditional landscape in which to retire or raise a family yet within reach to all the Upper Valley has to offer. 



Vermont Snow Plowing: No Rest for The Weary



Intrepid Reporter John Snyder, one of the principals of Snyder Donegan Real Estate Group, goes "on-scene" to see what it's like keeping roads safely clear during a Vermont snowstorm. He gets to ride with Barnard's Road Foreman Lance Webster while doing rounds. As Webster explains, it takes thought and skill to get the job done so everyone can get in and get out. And, while touring by snow plow isn't a normal way to see the sites, this video includes a ride along North Road following a ridgetop from the Barnard General Store all the way to Bethel with iconic farms along the way. There are views aplenty of the Green Mountains, snow-covered fields, dotted with cows in summer and that special green, green grass found only in Vermont. But for now, this week, only white, white-out and wipe-out. Watch and see!

Within minutes of Barnard, where this video was shot, are the Suicide Six Ski Area just outside of Woodstock (run by the Woodstock Inn and Resort), Killington, Pico, Okemo and Sugarbush all within an hour or less. It's a well-known fact that Barnard gets a lot of snow being at higher elevation than Woodstock and the surrounding valleys, but it's worth that elevation for the spectacular fresh air, views and lighter snow. Not to mention that elevation and more rural atmosphere means WILDLIFE. That's right, animals, large and small. Several bear corridors run through the nearby Chateauguay Wilderness and moose, deer, fox, pheasant are prevalent. Learning to track wildlife is a great past-time for many who just wonder what kinda' critters are walking around their homes, spending time on top of their snow! One more factoid, great for local trivia buffs: There is a small ridge of hills (not quite mountains, but big hills) in the Barnard, Bethel, Royalton, Pomfret area. It's in these hills where some of the most private and wonderfully comfortable, expansive homes exist. For those in the know, those hills are known as "The Delectables."



Season's Greetings! We're Glad You're Here....

Happy Holidays from Snyder Donegan Real Estate Group!  Let us know if we can be of service selling your place or buying a new home. John, David, Mary Ann and Dail can help with all the details. You'll find us around Woodstock, Barnard, Norwich, Lyme and Hanover. Give us a call if you're visiting or just ready for your move.