Blog :: 09-2010

Woodstock VT as a Destination

Every time John or I look out our window onto the Woodstock VT Green, we are reminded why this is such a fabulous second home or vacation home destination and why we have had so many visitors in town in recent weeks.


Marsh Billings Rockefeller National Park Woodstock Vermont

Marsh Billings Rockefeller National Park


Best of New England Life

Vermont offers the best of New England life, with it's history of outdoor living, wooded lands, hunting, wood splitting and red/black plaid.  There is a simplicity in living in an area where the Weather is always near the front of your thoughts: we are now changing from summer to "sweater/fall" weather, and soon we will be replacing fresh summer corn and pumpkins with thoughts of snow shoes and snow shovels.  Those first dustings - likely around Thanksgiving time -  against a backdrop of rust, orange, fire red and fall yellow leaves make for such pleasant early morning walks.  John and I specialize in helping buyers and sellers of land and residential properties in the greater Woodstock VT area.  Give us a call at 802 457 2600!

Woodstock Vermont, LAND HO!

John and I have been surprised at the level of interest we have seen from buyers of Woodstock Vermont area LAND. We have sold or put under contract 5 pieces of land in the past month or so in the Woodstock area. This flies in the face of logic that says: today existing houses can be purchased less expensively than buying land and building (even counting for depreciation), which is why many local builders are underemployed and/or have shifted into renovation, remodeling and additions.

Woodstock Land Buyers Two Criteria

These specific Woodstock area land buyers seem to fit two criteria:

Lower Priced Properties:

We are seeing buyers who want to live in the area, but at a cost-affordable price, and will initially be erecting very livable but smaller, cost-efficient structures that they can grow into. This includes young families and single people or couples with no children.

Stunning Future Second Homes:

At the other end of the price spectrum, we have sold some stunning building lots with fabulous long-range mountain views that are being purchased as future second-homes.

Within the context of a larger investment portfolio, these buyers view land - and particularly Vermont land - as a hedge against a) inflation - given the massive overspending/borrowing by our local and national governments and b) a safe-haven escape location in a world of potential future unrest and uncertainty.

Owning real estate - land and a dwelling structure - in the green hills and valleys of Vermont offers peace of mind in today's uncertain world.

We have numerous excellent land listings still for sale - ranging from roughly 100 acre tracts suitable for hunting and logging - to fabulous 5-25 acre building lots in Woodstock, Barnard and Hartland.  Some of these are listed publicly (see the main Snyder and Donegan website for details) and others are listed privately.  Contact or give either of us a call to discuss on 802 457 2600.