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Snyder Donegan Real Estate Group employs a small, highly competent team of experienced Woodstock VT and Hanover NH Real Estate brokers.  Each one of us is very comfortable functioning in the role as your Buyer Broker.   If you are considering buying real estate in central Vermont, and particularly in the Upper Valley areas surrounding Woodstock VT and Hanover NH, our agents are very well suited by temperament,  background  and skillset to help you in your search.  We begin by listening to your interests, preferences and requirements to help identify the perfect land, location, siting, design, and style for your new Vermont 

Colonial and Covered Bridge in Woodstock VT

home.  We are very comfortable functioning as Vermont Buyer Brokers whereby you receive our undivided loyalty, commitment, patience and service.  We share with you more than 70 years of combined business experience - while providing advice and guidance that is truly independent. 

We are tenacious, smart, and work diligently and consistently on your behalf. Learn more about our expertise in luxury real estate, properties and estates.

Feel free to contact us to discuss our services, about our exclusive Vermont Buyer Broker services - and how we can best serve your real estate needs. 

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Historic Woodstock Vermont and The GreenThe Vermont Consumer Disclosure Form

When you first engage with a Vermont real estate broker, you will be asked to revew and sign a required  Vermont Consumer Disclosure form which explains your status as a customer, and the various options you have with regard to professional real estate representation under  Vermont real estate laws and regulations.  We are happy to discuss this with you prior to your arrival in Vermont, or upon initial contact.  We look forward to working with you in your search for the perfect Vermont property or estate!


New Hampshire Consumer Disclosure

We are also happy to provide you the New Hampshire Consumer Disclosure form since we are licensed to help buyers in both states. Vermont and New Hampshire have similar consumer disclosure real estate laws.