Marketing Real Estate in the Woodstock VT and Hanover NH Areas


Snyder Donegan Real Estate Group is the leading boutique independent real estate firm in the Woodstock-Hanover markets with more than $60 million in listings across the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire, including a large portfolio of luxury properties, land listings as well as a wide choice of mid-priced homes across the region.  Our Vermont office is located on The Green in historic Woodstock, Vermont.  Our New Hampshire office is located on Main Street in downtown Hanover, New Hampshire – home to Dartmouth College. 

We are the #1 market leader in luxury property sales in the combined Woodstock-Hanover market area.  In 2017, Snyder Donegan has sold more than twice the number of $1 million properties than our next competitor, including all the major franchise firms and other independent firms.  Yet our agents also successfully market and sell properties from $175,000 and up.

Snyder Donegan’s sustained success continues year after year: In 2017, we have more than $70 million sold or under contract, making us the most successful boutique brokerage in this area of New Hampshire and Vermont.  We have selectively added new agents to our team, now comprised of nine agents and support staff – plus a range of outside consulting partners that we utilize for additional marketing strategy support.  Snyder Donegan excels at luxury property marketing and has achieved as many/more $1 million+ sales in the area than any other firm in recent years.  


Yet we apply the same property marketing approach

that we developed for our luxury properties to all of our listings -

ranging in price from $175,000 to over $5 million.


What have been the drivers of our firm’s unique success?  There are three factors:

1.   Agent competence: knowledge, professionalism, attention to detail and superior client service

2.   Innovation in property marketing, especially in a wide range of digital online marketing strategies - globally

3.   Hard work and follow-through


Our partners and associates bring to our real estate business more than 100 years of successful global business experience combined with generations of local roots in the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire.  We invite you to go online to the “About Us” page of our website ( and take a few minutes to read the bios of our partners and of our associates – to understand that the team you are hiring has much broader world and business experience and successes – but have chosen to come back to and live and work in this beautiful and safe part of the world.


Snyder Donegan focuses on creating beautiful presentations of our clients’ properties with superb photography and for our luxury properties - videos and dedicated property websites.  We are sticklers about the details.  In a world where buyers are using smartphones, tablets and laptops to get their “first impression” of a property, first impressions online are critical.  We give solid advice on how to stage your home and to make important pre-listing decisions on what finishing touches or renovations are worth it in order to achieve the best combination of net price and speed in successfully selling.  Call us: we are happy to provide early guidance.


Snyder Donegan excels at innovative digital marketing.  The internet has leveled the playing field compared with the real estate brokerage business of just 10 years ago.  Snyder Donegan’s digital footprint is enormous – and global.  Our strategy is and continues to be to combine closely-observed knowledge of actual buyers in this area – how and where they search for properties and how they enter the market – with the technical savvy of the best and brightest digital marketing partners – to keep our firm at the very cutting edge of digital real estate marketing in today’s ever-changing world of buyers and buying patterns.  Ultimately, real estate is a local business – properties cannot be commoditized and sold on Amazon (or Zillow).  Buyers are choosing a specific state, town, hamlet and property.  The digital approach to selling suburban homes in Wellesley or New Canaan – or a NYC coop – is far different than buying property in Vermont or Hanover.  

Our growth and success has proven that our hands-on approach to tailoring digital marketing for this specific market is far superior to the approach of other brokerage firms who buy into a large corporate/conglomerate franchise – then hope their corporate approach works here in our unique and special part of VT and NH. And you may ask yourself: When franchise real estate corporations have hundreds of offices and thousands of agents, how will your agents’ properties not get lost in the overwhelming corporate shuffle?  When we list a property, any buyer anywhere in the world who is searching for property in this area will find it and will find it beautifully presented.  Buyers call us (or their broker) and request a showing.  We are constantly adjusting our digital strategy and tactics as buying patterns in this area change and evolve.  Snyder Donegan is second to none in digital real estate marketing.


We give expert advice on how to price your property.  Pricing is arguably the single most important decision you will make in selling your home, and you need to find the perfect balance between underpricing a home, which both speeds the time it takes to sell but also may leave money on the table, and overpricing it – which will cause it to get fewer showings and offers, and may result in the listing getting “stale” – a condition whereby potential buyers begin to wonder “what is wrong with this home, why has it not sold”?  Our advice to you is grounded in hard data: by looking at comparable homes that are on the market (and not selling) and comparables that have recently sold – showing you where the true market is for homes like yours.  In the end, pricing is our clients decision: after all it is your property and your time and money.

We look forward to hearing from you.


John Snyder & David Donegan - and the whole Snyder Donegan Real Estate Group Team


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If you are seeking professional brokerage services to market your unique property, please contact our office for a confidential meeting to discuss our service capabilities.  

Our office lines are 802-457-2600 in Vermont and 603-643-0599 in New Hampshire.