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Hartland Vermont Real Estate Market Report - Full Year, 2018


The Hartland, Vermont real estate market saw thirty-three (33) sales of single-family homes in 2018, down 25% compared to 2017, with forty (40) sales.  It is important to keep in mind, however, that 2017 was the greatest single year on record for the Hartland VT real estate market and likely an exception to the norm.  In comparison to the number of houses that sold in 2016, which was quite a good year historically in terms of sales, the market is up 14%.  As of this writing there were an additional five (5) homes active under contract and set to close in the coming months.


Another interesting development for the Hartland market is the supply of houses, which has been declining since 2016 and is now at its lowest point on record.  On December 31 there were just nineteen (19) houses actively listed for sale, down 32% from the same date in 2017 with twenty-eight (28) houses for sale.  To take this a step further, at the end of 2018 there were just seven months’ worth of inventory on the market, compared to 27 months’ worth of inventory in 2010. (To come up with the number of months’ worth of inventory on the market we use the prior year’s number of sales to determine how many months it would take to deplete the current inventory if the pace of buying observed in the prior continued in the coming year). 


On a personal note, Snyder Donegan was pleased to represent either the buyer or seller, or both, in the three most expensive sales that took place in 2018.


Charts illustrating the above information can be found below, followed by a complete list of all 33 properties that sold in Hartland in 2018. 


Hartland VT Real Estate - Closed Single Family Homes


Hartland - Actively Listed on December 31


Hartland VT Real Estate - Months of Inventory on Market


A list of all 33 properties that sold/closed in Hartland in 2018 is below.

519 Route 12, Hartland, VT


81 Route 12 Route, Hartland, VT


88 Route 5, Hartland, VT


21 Cobb Hill Road, Hartland, VT


655 U.S. Route 5 Route, Hartland, VT


200 US Route 5, Hartland, VT


6 Blodgett Lane, Hartland, VT


13 Sportsmen Cove, Hartland, VT


18 Mace Hill Road, Hartland, VT


672 Rt. 5 Street, Hartland, VT


269 Route 12 Route, Hartland, VT


13 Moeller Road, Hartland, VT


300 Route 12, Hartland, VT


29 Lord Road, Hartland, VT


152 Webster Road, Hartland, VT


26 Webster Road, Hartland, VT


103 Cobb Hill Road, Hartland, VT


23 Poor Farm Road, Hartland, VT


40 Jenneville Road, Hartland, VT


140 Cream Pot Road, Hartland, VT


222 Brownsville Rd, Hartland, VT


31 Horton Hill, Hartland, VT


728 Route 12 Route, Hartland, VT


211 Hartland Hill Road, Hartland, VT


586 Quechee Road, Hartland, VT


11 Cream Pot Road, Hartland, VT


33 Crystal Path, Hartland, VT


60 Barron Hill Road, Hartland, VT


122 Webster Road, Hartland, VT


286 Jenneville Road, Hartland, VT


30 Amsden Farm Lane, Hartland, VT


346 Town Farm Hill Road, Hartland, VT


42 Amsden Farm Lane, Hartland, VT






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