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Barnard Vermont Real Estate Market Report - Full Year, 2018


The Barnard, Vermont real estate market saw twenty (20) sales of single-family homes in 2018, essentially matching the pace of 2017, which saw nineteen (19) sales.  Historically the market saw more sales than any other year on record, demonstrating a full recovery from the recession.  The properties that sold in 2018 were on the market for an average of just 5.5 months before selling, down from 9 months in 2017, and from a high of 33 months in 2012.


Barnard has seen a continuous and fairly dramatic decline in inventory since post recessions highs, reaching its lowest point this year since 2012.  There were just twenty (20) properties actively listed for sale on December 31, 2018, compared to 43 on the same date in 2014 – a 54% decline.  Additionally, at the end of 2018 there were just 12 months’ worth of inventory on the market compared to 21 months’ worth of inventory on the market at the end of 2017.


The most likely explanation for the increased number of sales in Barnard this year, and the subsequent decline of inventory, is found by examining what is going on in the town of Woodstock.  Woodstock is the central hub of the area, with dramatically more annual sales (and more inventory) than any of the six towns that touch it.  Many buyers, specifically second home owners, begin their search for houses in Woodstock, which has seen a major decline in inventory over the past several years and is now at its lowest point since post-recession highs (down 50%).  Faced with so few options, we believe this has caused buyers to look outwards, and explore, consider, and buy in neighboring towns they may not have heard of otherwise.  In addition to Barnard, there has been a similar trend of increased sales and declined inventory observed this year in West Windsor, Pomfret, Reading, and Hartland.


There were four (4) properties that sold in 2018 for over $1 million, the highest number that have sold since 2004.  The supply of luxury properties listed for over $1 million has also followed a continuous decline since the recession, with just eight (8) properties actively listed for sale at the end of 2018, compared to fifteen (15) in 2013 - a 46% decline.  


Charts illustrating the above information can be found below, followed by a complete list of all 20 properties that sold in Barnard in 2018. 


Barnard - Closed Single Family Homes


Barnard - Average Months on Market


Barnard - Actively Listed on December 31


A list of all 20 properties that sold/closed in Barnard in 2018 is below.

37 Old Stagecoach Road, Barnard, VT


74 Davis Road, Barnard, VT


2383 Mt Hunger Road, Barnard, VT


378 Gulf Road, Barnard, VT


99 Ferndale Drive, Barnard, VT


2655 Stage Road, Barnard, VT


6183 Stage Road, Barnard, VT


84 GARNET HILL Road, Barnard, VT


141 The Grove, Barnard, VT


10474 Rt 12 Road, Barnard, VT


217 South Perry Road, Barnard, VT


6332 Stage Road Drive, Barnard, VT


5778 Route 12, Barnard, VT


762 Royalton Turnpike Road, Barnard, VT


130 Sugar House Hill Road, Barnard, VT


235 Gills Road, Barnard, VT


853 Sayer Rd, Barnard, VT


1497 Bowman Road, Barnard, VT


287 Bennett Road, Barnard, VT


811 Old Mt. Hunger Road, Barnard, VT




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