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Woodstock, Vermont Real Estate Market Report - First Half of 2018

Woodstock VT Real Estate


The Woodstock, Vermont real estate market saw twenty-four (24) sales of single-family homes during the first half of 2018.  While sales were down 38% compared to the same period of 2017, which saw thirty-nine (39) sales, it is important to take into consideration that the red-hot pace of 2017 was somewhat unusual for the market, and looking at post recession sales ignoring 2017 shows that the market is really quite strong.  As of July 1 there were eleven (11) properties active under contract or pending and set to close in coming months.


Supply of single-family homes in Woodstock has been declining continually since 2010 and is now at it’s lowest point, with sixty-three (63) properties actively listed for sale – a 51% decrease compared to the same date in 2010, with 126 properties.  As this trend continues we expect to see a better equilibrium between sellers and buyers, and what has been a buyers market for the past decade may tilt in the favor of sellers.


In regards to luxury sales of properties over $1 million, there were four (4) properties that sold in the first half of 2018.  As of July 1 there was one (1) other property listed for over $1 million currently active under contract and set to close in the coming months.  On a personal note, Snyder Donegan was pleased to represent the seller in the most expensive transaction year to date in Woodstock, which was the sale of Quinn Farm Lodge (1731 Prosper Road) for $2,300,000. 


The first of the following graphs shows historical sales in the first half of the year in Woodstock from 2004 through 2018, and the second graph shows the number of single-family homes that were actively listed on July 1, every year from 2004 through this year. 


Woodstock VT Real Estate - Historical Sales in the First Half


Woodstock VT Real Estate - Actively Listed on July 1


A list of all 24 properties that sold/closed in Woodstock during 1H2018 is below.

5 Heritage Condo Way, Woodstock, VT


6905 Evergreen Court, Woodstock, VT


588 Kendall Road, Woodstock, VT


708 East Woodstock Road, Woodstock, VT


10 Highland Avenue, Woodstock, VT


4 Golf Avenue, Woodstock, VT


3369 Hartland Hill Road, Woodstock, VT


154 Roberts Road, Woodstock, VT


1215 West Woodstock Road, Woodstock, VT


3811 South Road Highway, Woodstock, VT


925 Fletcher Hill Road, Woodstock, VT


3 Charles Street, Woodstock, VT


2033 South Road, Woodstock, VT


40 Central Street, Woodstock, VT


11 Slayton Terrace, Woodstock, VT


13 High Street, Woodstock, VT


65 Meadow Way, Woodstock, VT


318 Ebbin Lockwood Way Lane, Woodstock, VT


3086 South Road, Woodstock, VT


1548 Peterkin Hill Road, Woodstock, VT


484 CARLTON HILL Road, Woodstock, VT


27 THE GREEN, Woodstock, VT


17 Mountain Ave, Woodstock, VT


1731 Prosper Road, Woodstock, VT






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